Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before & After

Goldilocks got his hair cut!
2 Befores

1 After
I still have some work to do on the sides.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Boy

This boy.

how do I begin? where do I start?

There are so many feelings, so many thoughts, so many dreams for this boy.

He turned eight years old in August. EIGHT. Even though I've been here for all of his life...it still seems almost impossible. I look into those eyes, and I see the baby he once was... I look into those same eyes, and I see the man he is going to become...

It's hard for me to describe all the feelings that go into loving a boy like this. Because there are so very many. But when you're a parent, you know.

And when you're a parent, you know about the many and varied thoughts that go into loving a boy like this... the anxious ones and the joyful ones.

And the dreams, well the dreams. They seem almost endless because there is so much potential and so much yet to know, when you are loving a boy like this. And being a parent sometimes means that you keep the dreams to yourself because what HE dreams for himself is so much more important.

I LOVE this boy. I'm happy and humbled to have him in my life. (that's where I begin. that's where I start.)

This boy.