Monday, October 13, 2008


Ever played hide-and-seek
with a toad?

Well, neither have I
but I know a girl that tried.

Her mama saw something JUMP
from the corner of her eye
and said...

Who let a toad in the house?
Was it you little girl? Was it you that let a toad inside?
Yes, mama. Yes, it was I.
The toad jumped ON the bed
He jumped OFF the bed
by the side, by the wall
He jumped underneath the bed
where it was dark...

We were playing hide-and-seek, mama

p.s. I'll post a picture of our finished art project soon. (I just have to get the batteries for the camera charged!)


The Moore Family said...

Very cute. Love the how the blog is coming along.

Tonioli Family said...

Fun! I'll just take your word that it was an exciting experience. Hopefully I won't have to experience it myself. So, did you let her keep it?

The Andra Family said...

My boys would be so jealous! Love the leopard pants! They kinda camouflage the toad.

Mubeen said...

Haha, cute post!

The Heaton's said...

That is funny!! I think my girls would probably be afraid to touch a toad!! Zoe is the cutest!