Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MMMmmm... Homemade Bread

Who loves homemade bread, raise their hand?

Over the summer, I started making bread with my maternal grandma. I figured that since I had been gathering wheat for food storage, I'd better get my children used to eating whole wheat bread.

My grandma and I have had some wonderful experiences and conversations as a result. We continue to make and bake bread together about every two weeks on Wednesdays. Today was one of those Wednesdays!

I love that we've strengthened and deepened our relationship. I hope that for everyone: better, stronger, deeper relationships.


keri said...

I am raising my hand where is my bread? Family picture is super cute

Ence Family said...

Looks so good. I need to get your recipe!

Mubeen said...

Can you see me raising my hand?? That's awesome that you and Grandma are getting closer by the day!! She's quite a talented woman as well!

The Andra Family said...

Your loaves look a lot pretty then the way mine turn out. Share your secret, please.

The Heaton's said...

Nothing is better than homemade bread! My kids don't like the store bought bread anymore! Your loaves look wonderful!