Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ready or Not

We decided to take full advantage of the delightful weather we had on Saturday. I asked Gene if I could take his picture for the blog. You know, 'cuz he's part of this FAMILY! He said No! (Really he said something different, but I want to keep this G-rated. hee) Can you see him the background?

Asher decided he wanted to help. What a BIG boy!

Anyway, READY OR NOT, Here comes Christmas!


The Andra Family said...

Good for you guys. Too bad we didn't think to take advantage of it in that way. LOVE the picture of Asher on the ladder.

keri said...

I want to put our lights up. I just need to talk Chris into it

The Heaton's said...

Thanks Gene for the wonderful example you are to Adam! Hahaha! After I showed him your blog he said he would "try" and tackle the lights this week!! I'll have to make sure his "try" becomes a reality! I can't wait!!

Mubeen said...

I can't wait to decorate our first home for Christmas! How fun!