Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the Garden

I thought I was going to regularly post about what's happening in the garden...
Let me give a quick update:

The onions are growing (even after I transplanted them from my grandpa's and didn't realize this new method of gardening was going to require me to pay attention to the watering).

The turnips and leeks seedlings have sprouted up through the soil, and are getting bigger everyday. I'm going to need to thin pretty soon.

The daffydowndillys (from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett) have been blooming and most recently the tulips.

Zoe and I noticed that the carrots are just barely coming up from the ground as well.

The apricot tree has lost its blossoms, but there are tiny, little, green apricots forming.

And one of the cherry trees has just started to blossom, albeit in a very small amount.

All of us here are working and hoping for a bountiful garden this year.


the Tonioli's said...

What beautiful pictures! I love spring when everything is just coming out of the ground. You're garden is going to begreat! Totally jealous...we just got more snow!

Shannon said...

I love the pics of your garden and all the pretty things growing in your yard. You've motivated me to do better with my garden.

saskia said...

how fun, and my blogroll hasn't shown that you have posted for a while, so I missed the drawing! it is still too cold to start a garden here

Saddie and Levi said...

our tulips have been thinking about opening, but are still a little shy. i'm awfully glad we only have snowy white blossoms instead of frosty snow like the Toniolli's!!!!

Chris and Kathy Hurst said...

I LOVE your pictures!!!! Your garden looks great!
What a cute blog!

Mubeen said...

Such great pictures!! Can you come here and make my garden look like yours?