Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Freeze Peaches

This year, I learned two new ways to preserve peaches. TWO. (I just love to learn.) They are both easy to do.

I thank my friend Terra, for sharing this first one with me. She told me about it one night at a great Relief Society activity (put on by Maridee, who has her own peach recipe going on over there). Later, when I called Terra for specifics, she was so very helpful in her explanantions.

We love to make smoothies. These are perfect for them.

1. wash and peel the peaches.

2. cut into quarters, then eighths.

3. place on waxed paper baking sheets. sprinkle with fruit fresh.

4. place baking sheets in freezer. freeze.

5. label freezer bags with date and content, put peaches inside. (i use the gallon sized bags.) store in the freezer.

And that's how you do it! Oh so very sastisfying. Has anyone else given this a try?

On another note...I'd just like to tell my peachy husband that I love him and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Fourteen years. WHOA.


The Johnson's said...

I love your pictures Rayn. And I love your creative mind. Congrats on the 14 years.

The Andra Family said...

Let me know when you're making the smoothies and we'll be right over!

Mubeen said...

Mmmm, that means that when we come in November, you'll still have yummy peaches...which means you'll make us smoothies, right?! ;)

Happy Anniversary!! 14 years?! WHOA is right! Congrats!

The Heaton's said...

Those look awesome! Good idea!