Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Calico Chili

this past summer aryn took a cooking class from Nicole. she learned all sorts of valuable skills and brought home dinner for the family every tuesday. (what a wonderful relief for me.)

she loved the class. she felt like a chef. we decided to keep tuesday night as this amazing girl's night to cook. even while we stayed at my mom and dad's house, she cooked.

when i was her age, i never really learned how to cook meals. i am so happy that she is learning. it's a sure sign that my girl is growing.

wonder what she cooked for us last night?

 it's a recipe from Misti. you're gonna love it. shhh! it's a secret!

Here's the chili recipe:
1 lb hamburger (brown it of course)

1 or 2 cans chili beans

1 or 2 cans pork 'n beans

1 can stewed tomatoes (or go the extra mile and put a pint of bottled tomatoes instead)

1 pint salsa (the real recipe calls for half a bottle of picante sauce but I like my (that would be misti) salsa better)

chili powder to taste

1 tsp. sugar


The Calico Crew said...

You really shouldn't give me credit for the recipe. It came from a grandmother of one of Todd's buddies. We just changed up the salsa part. I need an Aryn at my house. Maybe she could cook two days a week--one being at my house? Just a suggestion

The Heaton's said...

That looks wonderful! Good job Aryn! Thanks for the idea! I think Kourtney & Kaitlyn will be making dinner once as week! It's never to early to learn!

Lindsey said...

I love the idea of having her cook for ya. You are such a great mom. Seriously. Someday I hope to be like Rayn Blair!

Nicole said...

Awesome job Aryn! You are amazing!