Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work IS Fun!

Last Saturday our family went over to help my grandma and grandpa with their pecans. In addition to picking up the pecans, my grandpa was having the entire tree pruned. So we got to help with the branches as well.

This is the kind of stuff Isaac just loves! I think he must have some of my grandpa's blood in him.

Grandpa is always telling us that work is fun. I used to argue with him and say that if WORK was fun it would be called FUN not work.

However, now that I'm a little older, I'm starting to believe him. There's a certain satisfaction in getting something done. There's also a mental calmness that accompanies physical labor. A balance.

And when we're all together, WORK is FUN.
NOTE: This is the tree service my grandparents used. This guy is one hard worker. He probably didn't expect all the help he was going to get!

One more picture. I think he's got some FUN work cut out for himself this winter!


The Calico Crew said...

I hope he has one of those fancy nut crackers of some pretty tough fingers from cracking nuts all these years. I love eating pecans, just not the work it takes to get them out of their tough shells.

Mubeen said...

How fun! I know Caleb always tells me that Grandpa says work is fun. Such wonderful memories you guys are creating!

The Heaton's said...

Wow! What a job! It makes the appearance of their house look soooo different! You guys are great to help! Seriously, when I think of Grandpa, "work" always comes to mind! Not only by what he says but his actions as well! It'a always with a smile on his face too! Funny!!

Ineedaday... said...

I love to see that there are still a few people left in this world who are unafraid of a little hard work. You inspire me!

saskia said...

my boys love stuff like this to, pecans, yummy