Monday, February 2, 2009

The February Family Read Aloud

The new book is The Borrowers by Mary Norton. We're a few chapters into it, and I'm beginning to wonder whether it was the right choice...

So. This is how we start the reading. All the children on the bed. (With the Littlest bouncing around everywhere.)Zo-issima's attention tapers off and she begins playing around. (But that's one of the reasons we're doing this, right? To develop an ATTENTION SPAN.)

And this is how we end the reading. With the two oldest still listening and wanting more.

(Asher did like the book, however the pictures look. So much so, that he tore the cover off. Won't my mom be thrilled.)

Jim Trelease explains in his book, "how easy it is to overlook the very purpose of literature: to provide meaning in our lives" (The Read Aloud Handbook, pg. 18).

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