Monday, February 23, 2009

Independent I

The other night, Gene found this beside a sleeping Isaac. Translation:
Dear Journal
What are you doing tonight?
Just laying there, doing nothing.
It's not really funny for you.
Oh, I thought it was not cool or funny or sweet or radical or hilarious.
(then he fell asleep.)
He loves to read and write. That makes me smile inside.


The Heaton's said...

That is so preciuos! Don't you love their spelling at that age:)? I have some put away and can't wait to show them when they are older!

Mubeen said...

That is so cute!! So awesome that he writes in his journal. BTW, I figured it out before you translated! lol

The Johnson's said...

I love when kids start to write. Mets mom keep this list he wrote of what he wanted for Christmas.
Anyway he wanted a Komputr. COMPUTER! My kids love to harass him about it.

keri said...

what a great habit to start. The handwriting is so cute