Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last Saturday we went over to my grandparent's house. Isaac had been wanting to help my grandpa with some outside work. My grandpa thought it was too wet to move manure to the garden, but Isaac was determined.
My grandpa showed him how to shovel the manure from the bottom of the pile instead of from the top. He told him to keep everything at one end of the wheelbarrow. By the time Gene got there to help, Isaac was giving him pointers!
This little brother is learning how to work, just like his big brother.
After he was finished with his work, Isaac kept asking his dad to build him a tire swing. Gene was helping me cut wood for the garden boxes. He was busy, and told him "later." Awhile later we went to check on him and the other kids. And guess what? Isaac made a swing for himself!

I'll bet you can't tell I think a lot of this kid.


Mubeen said...

...or the kid thinks a lot like you!

That's so awesome that he is building his "work" skills! Grandpa (and you) must be so proud! Cute kid!

keri said...

Teaching Kids to work is so important. I need to be better at that. Great Job

Ence Family said...

What a good worker! I am sure he would be great with all our cows too! My boys want a tire swing too.

saskia said...

awesome, kids hard at work!

The Heaton's said...

Can you say all BOY! Funny how he's excited and determined to spred manure! Life is going to be great watching him grow up!

Angie said...

You can link aprons or anything you want to my posts. The scalloped circles are die-cuts.
I have some kids like Isaac, I love that they are a go getters, but they drive me crazy until I do what they want to do. I should just do it right away and save myself the "Can we do it yet?" ten times.
Good for you and your garden!

Ineedaday... said...

Love the pictures! You have a really good eye.

gina said...

He reminds me so much of Jackson, loves to help grandpa in the garden and other things. Yep all BOY!!!! I love boys.

JILLIAN said...