Friday, February 27, 2009

Garden Boxes

Last Friday, I took the two littlest kids with me to Home Depot. We bought these 2 x 6's and had the store cut them into 4 foot lengths to make 3 garden boxes. I also bought a bag of turkey manure compost.

Later that evening, Gene told me that my grandpa had some old 2 x 6's at his house we could cut up and use. We went over the next day, and found lumber good enough to make 4 boxes.

We drilled 3 holes into one end of each board. That took awhile because the drill bit kept slipping down. (Also, I had Gene take a picture of me drilling because it always looks like HE'S the one doing all the work.) Anyway, we thought we had the right length of screws at home, but it turns out we didn't. So we loaded everyone up and took a trip over to Ace Hardware.

We got home and started fastening the boards together by rotating the corners to make a square box. Gene and I both think we probably could have done without the predrilling.

7 boxes down, 3 more to go! I'm going to get to go back to Home Depot. Yipee!
(After many pencil erasures, this is the layout I've finally decided upon. The drawings should be switched around.)


Ineedaday... said...

You go girl!

A Person from the Genocidal Generation said...

Wow! You're gettin perdy upity having to have them there garden boxes. I just plant straight into the dirty ground!

Mubeen said...


saskia said...

my son made mine- quite convenient but things didn't grow to well for us our first year- we can't start anything for another month in this annoying cold place

The Calico Crew said...

I'm glad to finally see a picture of you doing something...even if you were just posing & not really drilling. Loved the galashes (I don't know how to spell that word)

Lindsey said...

I love your garden! one of these days I am going to have one. Not sure when. I need a husband to help me thats not busy in school with no time. Plus I need a family that would eat what might come from the garden. Rob certainly wouldn't!