Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Preschool Activities

Painting with cotton swabs.

Supplies needed: cotton swabs, paint (we used tempera), and paper.

Girls. Or boys. Or both.

There's a reason Asher is in the high chair! And a reason for the chairs being up on the table.

(today is my last day of preschool this round. whew! actually, asher fell off the table today because of his climbing exploits. SCARED me about to death, i tell you. it gave the little girls a good scare too with my screaming and all. he's okay, thankfully!)


The Andra Family said...

That top picture of Zoe's profile reminds me of Isaac. We've had some good scares of our own too. Guess that comes with the territory.

Mubeen said...

Cute activity and glad Asher is okay!! Zayn has just BARELY started the climbing thing...eek!

keri said...

Yikes Glad Asher is ok. I think you would be a fun teacher. You have fun activities

Ineedaday... said...

I just spent a few minutes going through some of your older posts...It's been a while since I have had time to do this. YOU ARE AMAZAZING! You have a great blog with so many thoughts and projects that inspire. Great job! Keep them coming. Where do we nominate for Mother of the Year?